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Marbella to Recover Its Former Glory

Posted on by Lidia Ocón García

Marbella Town Hall plans to bring Marbella back to its former glory with a daring new investment. In San Pedro the big project has commenced, constructing a new boulevard of 55.000m² along the main street of San Pedro. Consisting of a very modern design it takes advantage of the maximum space available, offering bars, cafeterias and lots of entertainment areas as: an ice skating rink, Children´s Park, cycle lanes, amphitheatre and water features.

Sources: http://www.estudiosegui.com/historial/planeamiento/espacios-publicos/126


San Pedro Project 2

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Where to Take Care of Your Nails

Posted on by Lidia Ocón García

Last month I had the opportunity to go with a good friend of mine to the “Maria Zambrano” shopping centre, located in the centre of Málaga. Thanks to an internet promotion, I got a ticket with a special discount for a revolutionary new technique that has become very popular in recent times: Permanent Nail Varnish.

What is it exactly? It is not actually that different from what all we do at home; the enamel that the beauticians use is painted on as a thin film that is then dried with a special lamp (the same as used for gel nail varnish).

The result is having dream nails in just under an hour, with a brilliant shine that catches the eye and that will last about 3 weeks. The promotion of this new franchise lasts until 31st May, so don’t delay in booking your appointment.

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Annual Orange Festival Celebration in Coín

Posted on by Isabel Guzmán Arana

Every year, the town of Coín pays homage to the orange in one of its most popular festivals: The Orange Festival (“fiesta de la naranja”), which is quite appropriate as it is a fruit that is found in the majority of orchards in Coín.

This year, the day was very hot and the town gathered in & around San Agustín Park, with around 50 stalls full of local products such as bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese etc. Whilst the general public browsed the stalls, the hot temperatures were softened with refreshing fresh orange juice provided courtesy of the Coín Town Council. Actually, more than 2,000kg of oranges were used in the process!

Without a doubt, one of the most awaited moments was the orange salad tasting and the traditional “Hervía” soup. For both dishes more than 5,000kg were used of the municipality’s most popular citrus fruit. The “Hervía” soup is one of the most well-known recipes as it is eaten by the workers in the “campo”. There were also lots of different activities to participate in, one of them awarding a prize to the best dessert made with oranges!

Hopefully we will see you there next year!

Oranges 02

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Abandoned Dog: What Should I Do?

Posted on by Lidia Ocón García

All last week we had been seeing an abandoned dog wandering the street, scared & lost, crossing the road risking being run over. On several occasions I tried to approach her but she just ended up running away. I couldn’t even coax her to me offering her food as she was so scared. She was in a real sorry state: her ribs were showing because she was so skinny, she was covered with ticks, and her sad, pitiful look would have broken your heart. All I managed to do was leave her a bowl of water so she wouldn’t get dehydrated.

Finally, last Wednesday I managed to capture her by hiding behind a car then lassoing her with my large necklace (which was damaged in the process but it was worth it). Then I took her to our office entrance and, with the help of my colleague Chris, managed to make a high technology collar with a USB cable so that she wouldn’t escape. Taking advantage of her now being more calm & quiet, I gained her trust by giving her a nice big juicy sausage made just for dogs!

We called the police to inform them and in less than two hours, the head of the Municipal Dog Pound came to collect her. He told us that they will examine her, give her all the care she needs, wait for 10 days in case someone calls to report her missing and afterwards, they will put her up for adoption. This shouldn’t be a problem as she is a Mastiff, which is very popular and used as a guard dog to protect country houses. I sincerely hope that she finds an owner that cares for her, as her eyes were saying “I need a lot of love!”

Would you like to adopt her? If so, contact the “El Paraíso” Municipal Dog Pound right away! It is located on the Cártama – Alhaurín de la Torre road. You can also visit their website at:


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Beware of the New Spanish Traffic Laws!

Posted on by Christopher Russell Goodall

As from tomorrow, new & improved harsher Spanish traffic laws come into effect. Ex-pats or visitors from abroad who thought they could get away with any traffic infractions during their stay here will have to think again. Spanish Police can now consult any European country’s traffic database and consequently send the fine to the driver’s country of origin. Cyclists under the age of 16 will now be obliged to wear a helmet. Drunk and/or drugged drivers will be fined up to €1,000. Those are good things but what about the bad?

  • The driver will be responsible for any crash involving an animal, regardless of the fact that the driver wasn’t breaking any traffic law.
  • Radar/speed camera detectors are now illegal.
  • Speed limit reduced by 10kph on secondary roads.
  • Police will be able to seize vehicles without approved child seats (whilst carrying a child).
  • Fines will be issued for just 1kph over the speed limit and the police won’t have to stop you in order to issue a fine (according to legal4spain.com).

“Ignorance of the law” will no longer be tolerated as an excuse!

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UK Healthcare In Spain

Posted on by Sharon Cossons

Living in the UK, thinking of taking early retirement and moving to Spain? Then please take note of the following changes from the NHS.

The Department of Health has announced that as of the 1st July 2014, early retirees will no longer be able to apply for a residual S1 form to cover them for healthcare when they move abroad to another EEA country, such as Spain. These changes only affect new applications received on or after 1st July. They do not affect those who already have an S1 form, nor State Pensioners who are entitled to cover under the European Regulations.

For more information please click on the following link:


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A Place In The Sun

Posted on by Peter Cossons

Sara DamergiTowards the end of last year I was contacted by the TV program “A Place in the Sun”, they told me they would be in the area with an English couple; Jo and Andy Green who were interested in buying a property. They gave me the basic information about what the client was looking for and asked me to come up with a few properties that would match their requirements. After discussing each property in detail we decided that the best option for the clients based on their budget would be this townhouse on Alhaurín Golf.  http://ideal-country-property.com/property/duplex-in-alhaurin-el-grande-th2009393/

Later that month Jo and Andy arrived with the show’s producer Kris Puri, a film crew and the presenter Sara Damergi.

Jo and Andy also viewed some other properties along the coast and in the nearby village of Mijas. The program gives a wonderful insight into the area, it was aired on Channel 4 in the UK on 21st January 2014, but you can see the section on Alhaurín el Grande right here:


Alhaurín Golf

As you will see on the program, Alhaurín Golf is set in spectacular scenery in the hills above the Costa del Sol, away from the madding crowds yet less than a 20 minute drive to the beach. There is an 18 hole course as well as a 9 hole par 3.

Alhaurín Golf Clubhouse

The development is low density with no more than 3 storey buildings, plenty of green zones and some fabulous landscaped gardens.

Townhouses Pool

Here is some local information including distances to local amenities:

2 minute walk to Hotel Alhaurín Golf with poolside café bar and restaurant “La Ventilla”.

Hotel Alhaurín Golf

5 minute walk to the roundabout where there is the BP petrol station with a mini market (fresh baked bread) and café, also the Spanish restaurant “Venta Los Morenos” and “The Boma” South African bar/restaurant.

10 minute walk to the club house bar and restaurant, open to the public.

2.5km to the crossroads at Alhaurín el Grande with tobacco shop/newsagent, hardware stores and a couple of cafes. https://goo.gl/maps/3HefB

It is a further 2km to the town centre and the Mercadona supermarket. https://goo.gl/maps/Ab7IU

Ayuntamiento Alhaurín

Alhaurín el Grande has loads of cafes, and some excellent restaurants; banks, lawyers, schools, clothes shops, shoe shops, fresh fish mongers, fruit and veg shops, butchers, (a ridiculous amount of bakers) and a market on Thursdays. There is an excellent health centre, public library, theatre and sports centre with 25m indoor pool.

To go slightly further afield:

9km (15mins) along a stunning scenic mountain road to Mijas Pueblo popular tourist village with plenty of restaurants and shops.  https://goo.gl/maps/y0fm7

16km on a superb new road to the beach at La Cala de Mijas https://goo.gl/maps/t6MYO There are several “Chiringuitos” (beach bars)

16km to major shopping centre and cinema complex with movies in English Click to visit Miramar Centre Website  https://goo.gl/maps/PB5pi

32km to Marbella centre https://goo.gl/maps/wEvrP

29km to Málaga airport https://goo.gl/maps/0QQMs

39km to Málaga historic centre. https://goo.gl/maps/GPZGQ Málaga is a fabulous city with so much to see including the Picasso Museum, Cervantes Theatre, Gibralfaro Castle, the new cruise ship terminal, marina and shopping centre. From Málaga there is a high speed train to Madrid, Cordoba, and Sevilla, which can all be done in day trips.

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world; there is plenty to keep the whole family occupied.

In addition to the property that was featured on the show we also have these other fabulous bargains available on Alhaurín Golf.

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An International Málaga Native at the Masters

Posted on by Lidia Ocón García

One of our neighbours from the Costa del Sol is a very well-known famous golf player. I’m sure that you’ve heard of him; his name is Miguel Ángel Jiménez, from Churriana but living in Benalmádena.

He was born in Málaga on 5th January 1964 and has won four Ryder Cups as well as more than 20 professional golf awards.

His story of effort & overcoming the odds inspires me a lot as he began to work when he was only 15 years old, with his oldest brother Juan’s supervision, beginning as caddie and then on the practice range. In just three years he became part of the professional golf world (in 1982) but it wasn’t until 1985 when he finally decided to dedicate his life to professional golfing events.

He holds several records as well as a lot of awards & medals and he has even designed a 72-par golf course in the Czech Republic at the Prosper Golf Club and has been involved in assessing and remodelling the courses.


I had the opportunity to serve him as a customer several times when he came to fill up his new red Ferrari where I worked, and I did not even know it was him! He even let me take photos of me in his car, being a very approachable, humble and down-to-earth person.

Maybe you will bump into him shopping at the supermarket one day!

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Corrie Comes To Spain

Posted on by Christopher Russell Goodall

Missing your UK Soaps (or “Daytime Dramas” as I believe is the more politically correct term)? Now the ITV have the solution for those of you that live abroad and are having withdrawal symptoms from not getting your regular “Coronation Street” or “Emmerdale Fix”!

They offer single payment option for people on holiday that don’t want to miss their favourite soaps or a regular monthly payment option. Both cost a moderate 5.49€ and are only available for customers outside the UK, as UK residents can access the normal ITV Player.

ITV Packages

Here is just a selection of questions from the official Q&A page:

Which devices can I use?

ITV Essentials is available on a desktop/laptop PC or Mac and via the iPhone/iPad app which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to watch on any of your devices.

Which shows can I watch abroad?

Your subscription to ITV Essentials allows you to watch some of your favourite ITV shows like Coronation Street and Emmerdale in selected countries across Europe.

Which devices can I use?

ITV Essentials is available on a desktop/laptop PC or Mac and via the iPhone/iPad app which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to watch on any of your devices.

Where can I watch ITV Essentials?

You can watch ITV Essentials in any of the following countries – regardless of where you originally signed up – Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain.

I’m watching on an iPad/iPhone – can I use 3G/4G/mobile data?

No. You must be on wifi to watch the videos (although you can access and administer your account).

Is it legal?

100%! ITV Essentials is brought to you by ITV and it’s completely legal to use, unlike some other international streaming or download sites.

Will I get my shows on the same day as my pals back home?

You will! We aim to have all of our shows available on ITV Essentials the same day as broadcast and we aim to have Coronation Street and Emmerdale available at the same time as they’re being broadcast in the UK.

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My Ideal Coastal Property

Posted on by Ángel Sánchez García

The definition of Ideal according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is “perfect, or the best possible”. That’s what I found in my two first “Open Houses” that I visited in Marbella.

I’m one of the agents that specialises in coastal properties and part of my work is to try and gain access to every property available on the Costa del Sol. To do that we need to have the necessary contacts and always have a spot free in the calendar for viewing properties like the ones I have seen recently. Regarding those properties, I have only good things to say about the way the agents treated me and the quality of the first-hand information given to me.

Let’s have a look at the first one:

Las ChapasThis elegant and modern villa, south orientated and built in 2001, is situated in the prestigious Hacienda Las Chapas Urbanisation, very close to the best beaches in East Marbella. It is built with high quality materials and offers great privacy in the middle of a green oasis with sea & garden views.

The property consists of a two floors: the ground floor has an entrance hall, spacious living room with chimney, dining area and access to the large, covered terrace at the south end of the villa, leading to the swimming-pool & garden. The hall also has access to one bedroom with bathroom, a modern large kitchen with patio, a guest lavatory and a double garage. On the first floor there are three en-suite bedrooms, each with an open terrace. In the basement there are a storage room, large utility room, 2 bedrooms with access to the west terrace and one bathroom. The villa is surrounded by a tropical garden and a large swimming pool.

Other features include marble floors & bathrooms, double-glazed windows, oil-fired central underfloor heating, hot & cold air-conditioning, solar panels for hot water, electric underfloor heating in all bathrooms, internal & external alarm system, private well providing free water for irrigation system & pool, and a 24 hour security patrol.

The garden can be extended by buying the adjacent plot to the north and for sale. The sales price has been reduced from € 1,650,000 to €1,175,000

And now for the second one:

Los BelvederesA fantastic opportunity to acquire a large & spacious duplex apartment in need of modernising, situated in the prestigious community of Los Belvederes, a small & exclusive urbanisation in an elevated position situated in a quiet Cul-de-Sac in the Nueva Andalucía Golf Valley.

The community is one of the most interesting of its kind; built in an Andalusian style but with no two apartments being the same. The accommodation consists of a large living room leading to a magnificent terrace with fantastic panoramic views, two bedrooms (one of them en-suite), guest cloakroom, kitchen and separate utility room. Stairs lead down to the third bedroom suite which is extremely private. The community has sunny pools, tennis court, gymnasium, well maintained landscaped tropical gardens and 24h security service.  The current price is €349,000.

Los Belvederes

So now you know, two spectacular options, for different tastes and for different budgets. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to visit them!

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